During the Red Hat Summit 2015, Jeff Einhorn of Target presented an enlightening session in a jam-packed room titled "Innovation in the large enterprise: Using Openstack, OpenShift, and automation to empower teams".

Jeff shared Target’s journey and vision, as well as challenges. There were so many valuable takeaways around culture, ownership, technology practices, measurement and feedback.

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Session Highlights


Keys were to transform IT to meet the evolving and rapid change the business needs by:

  • Improving the time it takes to provision environments.
  • Providing a solution for rapid prototyping and innovation.
  • Better utilize IT resources


  • Target implemented Red Hat Openstack to manage their infrastructure.
  • Automated their CI/CD utilizing Jenkins and Chef.
  • Provide an OpenShift by Red Hat installation to development teams to foster innovation through rapid application development and deployment.


Results were quite amazing to see, solutions based on open source software, such as OpenStack, OpenShift, Jenkins and Chef. The impressive numbers that Target saw were:

  • Reduced time to create development environments from 8 weeks to 15 minutes.
  • Provision pipeline infrastructure in just 10 minutes, from 9 months.
  • OpenShift adoption growing virally as development teams share their experiences across the company


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