At Red Hat Summit 2015 in Boston, Amadeus, a leading technology company serving the global travel industry, presented on how they built a next-generation containerized application platform with OpenShift 3 to further their strategy to connect the entire travel ecosystem and support the full traveler lifecycle.

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Amadeus has to deal with multiple challenges, including:

  • Matching traveler's reservation requests to various providers' inventory
  • Dealing with constant updates from provider systems all over the world
  • Providing high consistency and fast response times
  • Managing very high request volumes of up to ~210,000 queries per second at peak

To manage all of this, Amadeus had built a large distributed system that spanned a data center and multiple disaster recovery sites and included thousands of servers. However, despite the scale of the deployment, these servers were largely managed as pets.


To address these challenges, Amadeus wanted to evolve their data center and get closer to their customers. They set out to build Amadeus Cloud Services to enable a paradigm shift in how they served their customers. To deliver this, they built a new platform on OpenShift Enterprise 3 and it's integrated capabilities including Docker, Kubernetes and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.

As a result they were able to able to leverage:

  • Application centric deployments, deploying the application as a whole with all of its dependencies.
  • Automated scheduling, managing the cluster as a whole and decoupling 'what should run' from 'where should run'.
  • A unique partnership between Red Hat and Amadeus, as we worked together to deliver this solution to market.


The key benefits provided by OpenShift included:

  • An improved operational model, by allowing them to homogenize the deployments so they all look the same.
  • Support for different types of applications, not limited to HTTP or stateless services.
  • Easier deployment, including self-healing and resiliency

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