We're already a month into the new year and time just seems to be flying by. However, if you thought we would just let January pass by without adding some more awesome stuff to Openshift Online, you were wrong. Our product team has been working vigorously to pack as much into this release of Openshift as they could. So enough talk, lets get into the goods.

Updated Cartridges

We've updated some of our most popular cartridges to newer versions. Plus, we'll have more coming very soon.

Each of these technology cartridge updates are provided by Red Hat Software Collections--fully maintained and supported by Red Hat.

Changes to auto-scaling behavior

We've also improved how auto-scaling works

  • Now we're using moving averages to determine scale up / down events which gives far more consistent results.
  • New logic for history tracking is better

Quota notifications

Now when you get close to filling your quota limit, you'll get a notification similar to:

  • git push
  • rhc restart
  • rhc ssh

No more Vim errors!

Now when you edit a file directly on your gear with vim you won't see

E509: Cannot create backup file (add ! to override)


  • Ruby bundler can specify repos and commits via git submodules
  • PHP-intl extension is enabled

Next Steps


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