Santa Himself Can't Even Deliver This Fast

A new release of OpenShift Online is now available. This was a shorter release focused on bugs so if you think you've found a new one make sure you report it to A new version of the client tools is available so make sure to update.
For most people it's just running:

gem update rhc

New Features

Users can now add cartridges of different sizes to their applications.

Previously, if you created an app with medium gears, all gears in that app were medium. Now you could, for example, create a scalable PHP app with small gears on the web tier and then add a medium or large gear database to it.

New Web Console

Our talented design team have hard at work redesigning the web console. Robb Hamilton wrote a great article light-is-the-new-black which goes over the changes and why we made them.

Community Contributions

We've also merged several community commits into this release. Just to highlight a few:

Enhanced Product Value

In addition to this release we've also had several great product announcements :

  • Reduced gear prices by 50%
  • Added 14 more countries
  • 2GB gears

All those details and more are available at the pricing page.

Next Steps


OpenShift Online

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