Today we’re pleased to announce that OpenShift Online Pro will now include 2GiB persistent storage, Pro Basic support, and up to 50 collaborator users per subscription at no additional cost. Existing Online Pro subscribers have been automatically upgraded to the new plan.

Persistent Storage

The Online Pro plan now includes 2GiB of persistent storage. You can now add up to 148GiB of additional storage for $1.00 / GiB / month. Existing Online Pro subscribers have 2GiB of additional storage automatically added to their plan.

Pro Basic Support

Pro Basic support is now included for all OpenShift Online Pro subscribers. Online Pro subscribers can now contact Red Hat’s Customer Experience & Engagement team during standard business hours by web or phone to help resolve your issues.

Learn more about Pro Basic support


Every OpenShift Online Pro account has the ability to add up to 50 collaborator users per subscription. These collaborator users are granted cluster access from OpenShift Online Pro account subscribers so that they can collaborate on projects hosted with OpenShift Online. This allows multiple users to gain access to projects under a single subscription, without having to pay a monthly fee for every account.

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