Another great new release headed your way. First, make sure you've got
the new client tools. You can follow the directions here

New token-based authentication support for RHC client tools

With those new client tools you can now use token based support when
authenticating. That means being able to use the rhc tools multiple times
without having to re-type your password every time. To enable this
feature just run “rhc setup” and follow the directions.

Splitting of the community site from main site

We've also split our community and main site into two separate locations.
This will allow us to better serve the community by giving it some
dedicated space to grow and flourish on its own. The new community
location is at

Relaxed SSH key names/identifiers

Some people have asked for more control over their ssh key names so in
response we've relaxed the requirements for those keys. We've also fixed
a bunch of outstanding bugs so if you had issues with something previously
please try again. If it's still a problem make sure to let us know –

What's Next?


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