Hot off the heals of our last release, commercialization and the new v2 cartridge format, we have another release pushed out. This is largely a bug fix release. We're always trying to find and fix any issue that comes up so please do report any issues you run into.

Performance enhancements for our platform

One item we've started changing is smarter CPU allocation. This includes dynamically adjusting CPU to demand. For some of our earlier steps we're working with our idler to be smarter about application starts. The good news is that un-idling an application should be significantly faster. This is mostly useful to those people who rarely use their application.

Performance enhancements for our rhc client tools

Users who have been creating scaled applications should now have a better experience controlling those applications. Particularly start/stop/restart type operations. Performance around production level/scaled applications are getting special attention at the moment so please do share your experiences with us –

Beyond that, make sure to update your client tools to the latest version!

What's Next?


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