New code for OpenShift online has been pushed out to production. It contains lots of bug fixes and more great work being done behind the scenes to fully enable the new cartridge format.

rhc client tools: error detection and better inline help

We've also had some great updates to the CLI tools. Please be sure to update them. For most people that's a simple “gem update rhc”. These updates include better detection and reporting of errors during app creation--like if your ssh key isn't created or present. The commands also include greatly improved inline help.

Social sharing buttons on the Community site

And for those of you wanting to tell more people about what you've found at our website, we've brought back social sharing buttons on the content pages. Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ are ready to go, so please use them and try them out.

As always, if you have any questions or comments about the release or what we're working on just ask us. We're always interested in what you're doing too, so email us at and let us know. Who knows, we might feature your application, or give you a shoutout.

Disallow user namespace changes

For the time being we're disallowing user namespace changes. This means if your app is “” you can't change the namespace “funtimes” to anything else without re-creating your app.

What's Next?


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