The OpenShift Team is happy to announce that a new version of OpenShift Online is now available! As always, to make sure everyone is able to take full advantage of any new features, please update to the most recent version of your client tools.

NodeJS 0.10

Of particular interest to our node.js users is the official availability of node-0.10. Use it just like any of our cartridges with:

rhc app create myapp nodejs-0.10

Custom Environment Variables

If you would like to create an application with a set of custom environment variables, just run:

rhc create-app foo php-5.3 ENV1=value ENV2=other_value ENV3="value 4"

PHPMyAdmin 4

Our PHPMyAdmin cartridge has also been updated to the latest major release of 4. This includes some additional features and security fixes over the previous version.

Drush for Drupal users

Finally, we've added a proper .drush directory for our PHP users so Drupal users should be much happier now. If you're not using Drupal then don't worry about it!

As always we're interested in what you have to say about OpenShift as well as what you're using it for. Let us know -

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