PostgreSQL 9.2

Another release of OpenShift Online has been pushed and is now available. There are some bug fixes and performance benefits to the latest release but the most notable new feature is the postgresql-9.2. cartridge! Use it just like you would postgresql-8.4. If your really liked using 8.4 it is still available, but you also now can use the latest. There will be a blog post later this week covering the new version of PostgreSQL.

New Client tools

There is also a new rhc client available so please do update. For most people that's as simple as:

gem update rhc

Python 2.7

We're also working on a proper python-2.7 cartridge. As of today users with python-2.7 are using a community based cartridge. We're working on an officially supported 2.7 cartridge and that will likely involve some changes on your part. Also, this won't impact too many people but it's worth noting, as of this release gear level environment variables take precedence over cartridge environment variables.

Silver Plan VAT ID Verification

Silver users can now verify their VAT ID online. We're always interested in your opinion on how OpenShift is doing and what you're using it for. Contact us any time by email at

What's Next?


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