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The Machine Learning on OpenShift Special Interest Group is the starting point for joining the Machine Learning on OpenShift community. Hosted by OpenShift Commons, the Machine Learning on OpenShift SIG meets on the 1st Friday of every month at 9:00 AM PT. Next meeting details here.

The Machine Learning on OpenShift Special Interest Group covers best practices for deploying and managing Machine Learning workloads and applications on OpenShift built using (but not limited to) TensorFlow, Apache Spark and other Open Source ML/AI frameworks. We focus on the developer and devops experience of running Machine Learning applications in Kubernetes.  We discuss how to define and run Machine Learning frameworks on Kubernetes, how to scale machine learning models and deploy them to production on OpenShift. We discuss and demo relevant tools and projects, and discuss areas of friction that can lead to suggesting improvements or feature requests. Our goal is to ensure that OpenShift is a first-class host for Machine Learning workloads and to broaden our understanding of the frameworks, tools and other requirements that required for data scientists.

Coming to Kubecon/EU? Come meet us in person at the ML at OpenShift Evening Reception

OpenShift Commons is hosting an evening reception to kick off the week in Copenhagen on May 1st at Kubecon/EU.  We'll be showcasing a series of lightning talks by members of the Machine Learning on OpenShift Special Interest Group. Guest speakers include Red Hat's Diane Feddema from the team,  ML on OpenShift SIG Co-Chair David Aronchick of Google,'s Carol Willing, OpenShift's Michael Hausenblas and others. More details here:

Briefing Videos from Recent Machine on OpenShift SIG Meeting:

Subscribe to the Machine Learning on OpenShift YouTube playlist here.

Additional Machine Learning Resources

Related Github projects:

  • - Toolkits for Intelligent Application Development on OpenShift
  • KubeFlow - Machine Learning Toolkit for Kubernetes
  • Jupyter-on-OpenShift - Tools for Deploying Jupyter notebooks and Jupyter Hub on OpenShift.


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