Yeah so it will be raining in London - big surprise
Greetings Shifters (especially all you London folk)!

I am going to be participating in two great events in London next week - London Cloud Summit (January 29th) and Monkigras (January 30th and 31st). I feel incredibly honored to speak at both events but for different reasons with each.

Monkigras, along with it's sibling show Monktoberfest, are bar none the best "meta" conferences I have had the pleasure to attend. It reminds me of the days of my liberal arts education. I get to hear from a diverse set of speakers about things which impact my days and years but without it being just about "lines of code". Everyone who speaks is highly competent in their field (except me) and has a great speaking presence (again, present company excluded). Hurry and get your tickets here but if it is sold out by the time you get there, I highly recommend you get in early on the tickets for Monktoberfest in the fall and next year's Monkigras.

The other show is great because it will be a demilitarized zone for some of the leading cloud providers talking about some of the trends for cloud in the next year. We have speakers from Pivotal, Citrix, RedMonk, Chef, ShapeBlue, and Red Hat all speaking and all giving our best effort on ways to move the cloud forward.

I start off the day talking about how we get developers transitioning to developing in the cloud. If you are interested in Infrastructure as a Service we have Joe Brockmeier, if big data is more your thing then come see Sebastien Goasguen. Andy Piper and I will both be covering PaaS, while Michael Ducy will be talking about automation of your cloud deployments. In the home stretch we go to Donnie Berkholz talking about the overlap (or lack thereof) between devops and sysadmins and developers. Finally we wrap up with a panel moderated by Richard Morrell summarizing the state of the cloud and where it is going.

It is a great schedule, with no propaganda, and It's Free!. Oh and by the way, we are meeting at The Bakery in their Event Space - close to the Old Street and Moorgate Tube stations. Come join us on a rainy Wednesday for excellent speakers, lunch, and great discussion.



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