Visit us at http://openshift.github.ioLightning struck twice in Boston last week. First, a major transformer blew in downtown Boston taking out the power and then in a series of rapid fire lightning talks at the OpenShift Community Day event hosted in conjunction with the Red Hat Summit. While we like to ensure that each OpenShift Origin Community day is unique; last week's Boston event proved to be exceptional. We had many of the Red Hat engineers in town for the Summit and managed to corral a number of them into participating in the Community day.

Overnight, the major power outage wrecked havoc on the downtown core and we awoke to glow sticks and generators humming at the Sheraton. We gamely setup for the event in the dark, with white boards at the ready - but drew a sigh of relief when the power returned at 11:00 am just 30 minutes before registration was due to start. So in honor of the surge of power, we decided to run a series of "lightning talks" which turned out to be a great way to kick off the hack-a-thon and social hour.

Videos From the Lightning Talks:

As always, the Boston community day started off with an overview of the OpenShift Origin Project and it's community, and includes deep dives on internals, our SELinux security and our extensible cartridge framework {all of the slide are here}. With the power outage causing traffic delays, we kept our fingers crossed that all the speakers would make it in on time for their sessions and we were happy to see Dan Walsh cross the room just in time for his SELinux and PaaS talk. The highlight (for me) was getting to meet Jhon Honce in person and hear his talk on Best Practices and Tips for extending OpenShift with V2 Cartridges.

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