The Kubernetes project has grown immensely over the last few years and has come to be respected as a leader in container orchestration and management solutions. With that stature comes the responsibility to build APIs and tools that are well-tested, easy to maintain, highly performant, and scalable; qualities that are trusted and stable. In each of the upcoming release cycles, we expect to continue to see a community effort around prioritizing the maturation and stabilization of existing functionality over the delivery of new features.

Red Hat has been a leader in these efforts, currently working across a substantial amount of upstream Kubernetes SIGs (Special Interest Groups), the Release Team, and the Steering Committee so that Kubernetes as a project can continue to deliver a product that is trusted by both enterprises and community members.

Today, the Kubernetes Project released version 1.12. The big updates in this version are the general availability of TLS bootstrapping, a maturing story around scaling, and better multitenancy. Head on over to the CoreOS Blog to check out the full details of this release.


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