Red Hat OpenShift Online hosting has been available since 2011, and to date, well over 4 million applications have been launched on OpenShift Online. This service has been available in two tiers: the free Starter plan and the paid Pro plan. Both services offered the same OpenShift experience, with the Starter plan geared toward developers who want to experiment and learn on the platform, and the Pro plan geared toward professional application development and hosting.

We’re excited to announce that as of today, we’re offering a 30 day free trial of the Red Hat OpenShift Online Pro plan. The trial automatically converts to a fully supported, paying account after the 30 days to prevent any interruptions in service. This offering provides the full professional experience, allowing customers to utilize the full public cloud hosted power of OpenShift Online.

OpenShift Online Pro allows customers to deploy up to 10 projects for fully segregated applications, optimized for hosting multiple businesses or for separate testing environments. The free trial provides 2GiB of memory and 2GiB of persistent storage. The fully supported, paying account allows you to take advantage of up to 48GiB of memory and 150GiB of persistent storage! Your applications won’t idle, and you can add your personal domain names to your applications for custom branding. Finally, add up to 50 collaborators to your account and schedule any recurring tasks with OpenShift cron jobs.

If you need professional application hosting on the Kubernetes platform for big ideas and are a first-time OpenShift Online Pro user, then sign up for a free trial here.


OpenShift Online

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