To support future features of the OpenShift platform, changes have been made to the layout of the directories within a gear.  Where your application was stored in a directory named after your application it is now stored under the name of the cartridge you are deploying.  The Jenkins' build configurations are being updated to reflect this change.

A simple search and replace will be done on your Jenkins' build configuration where ~/{application name}/ will be changed to ~/{cartridge name}/.  We ask that you audit your Jenkins' build configurations to determine their correctness after this change.
If you have not customized your build configurations then there is little chance you will need to make any adjustments.

If you have used ~/{application name} in your code, that will need to be changed to ~/{cartridge name}

Current cartridge names:

  • jenkins-1.4
  • mysql-5.1
  • php-5.3
  • ruby-1.9
  • ruby-1.8
  • cron-1.4
  • jbossas-7
  • nodejs-0.6
  • python-2.6
  • diy-0.1
  • jbosseap-6.0
  • mongodb-2.2
  • perl-5.10
  • postgresql-8.4

An Example for ruby 1.9 application "foo":

Old method: ~/foo/{rails files}
New method: ~/ruby-1.9/{rails files}

We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes but hope you enjoy the future expansion this provides for the OpenShift Platform.


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