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Tremolo Security's CTO, Marc Boorshtein,  gives you an introduction to Identity Management for modern applications and a deep dive on deploying and integrating OpenUnison on OpenShift. Marc also gives a tour de force demo of OpenUnison running on OpenShift 3 and walks thru a number of Identity Management scenarios. It's a great introduction to the topic of Identity Management and sets the stage for a number of upcoming OpenShift Commons Briefings on the topic.

About OpenUnison

OpenUnison provides identity management functionality as a J2EE application rather then a virtual appliance. OpenUnison is lightweight enough to deploy alongside J2EE and non-J2EE projects, while still being powerful enough to provide the identity features enterprise applications need.

OpenUnison combines web access management, authentication, provisioning, and identity virtualization in a single system that can be deployed onto any J2EE container. When performing web access management and authentication services OpenUnison sits between your application running on OpenShift and users using Last Mile modules to secure the connection without a bulky agent that needs to “call home” to validate tokens.

For provisioning services, OpenUnison provides a REST- like set of services that can either be called from Scale, Tremolo Security’s self-service user interface for Unison provisioning capabilities, or directly from your own application. Finally, OpenUnison integrates MyVirtualDirectory for identity virtualization, providing the ability to work with multiple identity sources such as LDAP, Active Directory, cloud services, and more.

OpenUnison is Open Source

To learn more, visit to download Open Unison, see documentation and examples, and access source code.

About OpenShift Commons

OpenShift Commons is the place for organizations that are part of the OpenShift community to connect with peers and other related open source technology communities to communicate and collaborate across all OpenShift projects and stakeholders.

The Commons' goal is to foster collaboration and communication between OpenShift stakeholders to drive success for all members, and expand & facilitate points of connection between members for sharing knowledge and experience to help drive success for the platform and for participants: customers, users, partners, and contributors.

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