As we know Helm charts are one of the most popular ways to package and install applications with Kubernetes. It really simplifies the sharing and deployment of applications as well as automating the day-1 tasks for getting your applications up and running. 

With so many developers in organizations across the globe already using Helm charts and many more in the process of adopting it, we wanted to check in and understand how the users are using it, what is working well for you and what can we help improve! 

We have a survey up and running to gather some feedback and develop Helm’s roadmap better! If you are using Helm charts to package, distribute, develop or consume applications on any Kubernetes platform, we want to hear from you! A summary of these results will be shared with the Helm community as well so that we all can learn more from each other, open source style! It is a short survey and should not take more than 10 minutes. We would love to hear from you! 

Please fill out the survey here: Helm User Feedback


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