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Come Hangout with OpenShift Community on Google+

Come hangout with the OpenShift Origin Community on Google+ and get a unique perspective on OpenShift direct from the Open Source community members. Get the latest updates on OpenShift releases and cartridges; and join in the conversation regarding the future direction of the project. Learn about some of our cross-community collaboration efforts and keep up to date on all things Cloudy.

Each Friday at 9:00 am Pacific/12 noon Eastern time, I host an OpenShift Origin Community Hangout On Air publicly on Google+. The Community hours originally started out as weekly irc chats, but as topics started to emerge that needed deeper dives, shared desktops, and diagrams to illustrate the points being made - we made the move to Google On-Air Hangouts. You can still find us on freenode IRC in the #openshift-dev and #openshift channels. We take questions from the openshift-dev irc channel during live broadcasts.

Once the broadcast is finished, the video is made available on demand via YouTube. Each week, I attempt to host an On-Air Google+ Hangout usually with a central topic/theme that is topical to the latest release or announcements - sometimes our travel schedules collide and we have to adjust the dates/times - so be sure to check the our Google Community Events Calendar. Be sure to also sign up for notifications of upcoming events when you join the Google+ Community page. If you have a topic you'd like covered, jump on irc (freenode) and let me (dmueller) know - or sent me a tweet @pythondj and I'll try to incorporate it into the next week's conversations.

Our Latest Community Hangout

Here's the latest video from our 25/10/2013 Community Hangout on "The Great DNS Configuration Debate" with Krishna Raman, Luke Meyer & Harrison Ripps.

Recent OpenShift Origin Community Hangouts

You can find more of these by browsing our YouTube Channel:

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