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Germán Sánchez Rodelgo

  • Name: Germán Sánchez Rodelgo

Learn more about Geeks Box in our App Gallery

What inspired you to be a developer?

When I was a child I loved computers because of computer games. When I grew up and I had to choose what to study I decided to learn how computer programs worked and do my own programs. So this is how I became a Software Engineer. I'm not 100% satisfied with my professional work so I develop small things in my free time.

Why did you choose OpenShift as your hosting platform?

It's free and you can start your project with no budget. In case you grow up you can grow your server hardware simultaneously for adjusted good prices.

What advantages does OpenShift give you that other platforms don't?

I haven't tried other PaaS platforms but I think that is really hard to beat OpenShift tools and infrastructure.

Tell us more about your application currently hosted on OpenShift:
  • Name: Geeks Box
  • What does it do? It's a social network to share geek stuff you own. Examples include: homemade arcade machine, cosplay costumes, games, gadgets, anime, modding, computers, etc. The back end server for mobile apps is also hosted on OpenShift: iOS and Android
  • What technologies were used to create your app? Jboss, Postgresql, PHP, Mysql, HornetQ, Hibernate, Resteasy, CloudFront, AWS, S3, Firebase, Android, ObjectiveC, Java, Jquery, Wordpress.
  • What motivated you to create this application and what problems does it solve? What motivated me to develop this app is that I love to see stuff from other people around the globe. I have spent many hours looking at people's setups, modding, homemade arcades, gadgets, games, etc. You can look at all of these things in one place and you don't need to register on many different forums to look at amazing stuff.


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