You may have noticed that we have our very own channel now. Some of our awesome people have streamed to discuss all manner of OpenShift-related topics thus far. And as of today, we've also managed to host an entire OpenShift Commons Gathering on Twitch!

Yesterday's proceedings took place over 6 hours, like a normal day-long conference. The specific topic, this time, was community. Thus, while we typically cover the more technical aspects of using open source technology, here on the blog, we thought this would be a nice topic to highlight as well. We know about 25% of you who responded to our survey already contribute to open source, and another ~25% were interested in getting involved. We could definitely use some more folks taking the survey, by the way. We're going to share the anonymous results here on the blog, as well.

Speakers included Dimeji Onafuwa (Microsoft), Daniel Izquierdo (Bitergia), Dr. Matt Germonprez (University of Nebraska at Omaha), Lee Calcote (Layer5), Hong Phuc Dang (Zalando) and Joshua Simmons (SalesForce).

Full schedule of the talks that took place is over here, but we'll be chopping the videos up into individual talks in the coming days.


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