Over on the Enterprisers Project, there is a new ebook available: Kubernetes: Everything you need to know. While this ebook contains all the definitions you need to understand Kubernetes from top to bottom, it also contains links to other information about this tremendous open source project: links to other ebooks, Web resources and patterns. There are also 7 best practices included.

Here are a few of the best practices:

1. Think and build modern: Think microservices, for example. Define container images as logical units that can scale independently. Consider cloud-native APIs.

2. CI/CD and automation are your friends: A well-conceived CI/CD pipeline is an increasingly popular approach to baking automation into as many phases of your development and deployment processes as possible. Check out our recent primer for IT leaders: How to build a CI/CD pipeline.

3. Keep container images as light as possible: Keep your container images as small as possible for performance, security, and other reasons. Only include what you absolutely need. Remove all other packages – including shell utilities – that are not required by the containerized application.

For the rest, download the free ebook here.


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