Enterprise Logging Built for the New World

DevOps tooling and practices have spread rapidly through the enterprise, enticing them to rapidly upgrade their datacenters to bring quicker innovation and delivery to customers. Amongst the growing number of tools, Kubernetes and Ansible bring rich feature sets for deploying, configuring, and managing thousands of container instances at scale. In addition, Red Hat’s OpenShift platform paired with Red Hat’s Ansible Tower bring additional enterprise readiness, reliability, and security to these open source projects.

These next generation tools by Red Hat bring enormous feature sets around orchestration and configuration, but also generate massive amounts of information in every layer of the system. Routing all that generated data to the analytics tools of today and tomorrow could be a true nightmare without a plan for logging.


Enter Fluentd Enterprise, from Treasure Data. Fluentd Enterprise is a secure, scalable, and reliable unified logging layer​ built around the open source Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) project, Fluentd. Fluentd Enterprise allows you to unify your data streams from network devices, firewalls, applications, syslog, and infrastructure data and process and route to the analytic backends that power your enterprise.

With the scale and power of Red Hat’s OpenShift, you need Fluentd Enterprise’s secure and reliable logging layer to bring quick visibility and insight to your engineers.

When using OpenShift, your enterprise may go through a thousand deployments a day, and understanding what went on for each deployment takes a lot of processing and wiring work. Fluentd Enterprise easily plugs into the rich OpenShift ecosystem and gives you unified visibility for logs being generated for each deployment.

Fluentd Enterprise Data Connectors allow you to bring insight and action from your data by routing to popular enterprise backends such as ​ Splunk Enterprise, Amazon S3, or even both​. Fluentd Enterprise also brings a secure pipeline from data source to data output, including AES-256 bit encrypted data at rest. In addition, Fluentd Enterprise Data Connectors are enriched with security features such as Amazon Key Management System so you can truly have the benefit of a secure pipe.

Lastly, with Kubernetes and Fluentd both being guided by the CNCF you can be assured that OpenShift and Fluentd Enterprise will continue to innovate together with even tighter integration in the future.



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