Earlier this week, the OpenShift Commons Gathering took place at KubeCon EU, Virtually, of course. We'll be posting videos from that event across the coming weeks. Today, we highlight Thibaud Castaing from Amadeus, and  Maria Emmanuelli and Vincent Bronikowski from Red Hat. The video is above, and the abstract of the talk is below:

Who doesn’t like listening to a success story full of challenges and wins? This story starts with a challenge, with the covid-19 pandemic. The project’s objective was to repurpose abandoned blades, by using OSP. It involves an innovative way to save resources and reduce the business impact of covid-19, using Red Hat Solutions. We’ll share the story of how Red Hat worked with Amadeus following Agile principles to deliver a disconnected install of OpenShift 4.6 with Calico on OpenStack. This process was automated End to End by combining several technologies into a tool following while adhering to Amadeus' need for synergy across platforms.This automation allows for the creation of clusters on demand in a repeatable way, serving as Cluster as a Service. Interested already? There’s more. Because a demo is worth a thousand words, we will show you the automation tool and share Amadeus’ testimony.


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