You probably already know that migrating existing applications into containers provides better manageability and greater portability. Now there’s a new e-book available to help you leverage existing knowledge when migrating applications into a containerized environment using Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (OCP).

Let’s imagine you have OCP up and running. You’ve selected which container hosts and images you plan to deploy and you’ve got web applications up and running in OCP. Your next step may be migrating additional applications, but you’re running into some challenges around how to do it. This e-book outlines technical recommendations, guidelines, and even a bit of philosophy on the best way to migrate applications. It covers a range of topics including image build procedures and even production best practices. Also included are technical checklists for architecture, security, and performance.

Download Best Practices for Migrating Traditional Applications into Containers.


OpenShift Container Platform

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