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Have you ever wondered what the secret is to a successful DevOps transformation? What is it made up of? Where do you start? If only someone made the recipe and the ingredients available, perhaps everyone could try it out in their kitchens. We are part of the Red Hat Open Innovation Labs and Services teams, and it is in our DNA to share with you what we have learned in our kitchens and with our customers while taking these journeys to be more successful at DevOps adoption. This is our approach, our recipe.

We wanted to release the first section of our new book, which is now available for free download here, to garner feedback and inspiration for the rest of the chapters that are underway. We like to concretely practice what we preach: experiment, collect feedback, and iterate. So we hope if you have made time to read this first section, you would be willing to leave feedback for us here 

Change is hard. It is even harder when you consider the rapid pace in which modern IT changes and evolves. It is no easy task to adapt to the rate of change required to build practices and ways of working and successfully sustain them in the longer term. There will be many missteps and unsuccessful experiments along the way, but hopefully we can provide some guidance to you and your teams with the practices we have learned and been successful with while working with Red Hat customers and partners.

Red Hat is a technology company. And you may think that this book is mainly about technology. It is, at most, only one-third about technology. DevOps is really all about collaboration. We wrote this book because we want to increase your understanding of DevOps collaboration and the cultural and engineering practices in use with a container platform like OpenShift. We want to equip you to go out and try these new techniques and practices at your place of work, and by doing so, find inspiration and excitement as we have in practicing them ourselves.

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