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Warnar on OpenShift

Name: Warnar Boekkooi

Hometown: Groningen, Netherlands

Twitter and blog: @bolt_form

Primary development language(s): PHP, JavaScript

Technology you're most interested in right now: PHP, JavaScript

Application currently hosted on OpenShift: Boltform

Technologies used: PHP, Mongo, Nodejs

What's it do?

Boltform is a fresh designed and developed form builder that combines the power and features you already know from other competitors. But we’ve added lightning power to our service.

What motivated you to create the application?

Boltform is being created because we think the current online form builders are just not up to the challenge or lack some of the feature we think could be great for users (for example form's within form's, field dependencies etc.). Also for your company we think it is a great tryout product and we hope to make it a blazing success.

What are the most compelling features of OpenShift?

Boltform is a startup is means that the free account with options to grow into a paid account is great for us. Also the possibility to use a Mongo cartridge with PHP is really attractive. In the end it turned out that with a custom DIY and Cloudflare Pro (for SSL), OpenShift is the perfect fit for us. We can customize/build what we need.

What are some features you'd like to see in OpenShift?

A fully functioning PHP 5.4 cartridge. Custom SSL support (so we can get rid of Cloudflare for SSL). Better insight into usage and visitors on an app.



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