TB1ZuglQoz1gK0jSZLeXXb9kVXa-1200-630Red Hat continues to be a top contributor to the Kubernetes community as Kubernetes continues to grow as an industry choice for container orchestration (Cloud Native Survey 2020). Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform is the premier enterprise Kubernetes distribution and enables open hybrid cloud for the next generation of Cloud Computing.

Alibaba Cloud, the digital intelligence and technology backbone of Alibaba Group, and a Red Hat Certified Cloud Service Provider (CCSP) partner since 2017, provides compute, storage and network for both the expanding China and international markets. Customers looking to use Red Hat OpenShift on Alibaba Cloud can do so today using the platform-agnostic install. Alibaba has created a detailed OpenShift 4 installation guide providing a best practice with step by step instructions following this approach. 

Customers can buy and manage their OpenShift subscriptions directly from Red Hat. For questions or support related to OpenShift Container Platform software, please reach out to Red Hat Support. For issues related to the deployment or installation of Red Hat OpenShift on Alibaba Cloud and for all infrastructure questions, please reach out to Alibaba Support.


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