Cyber threats consistently rank as a high priority for data center operators and their reliability teams. As increasingly sophisticated attacks mount, the risk associated with a zero-day attack is significant. Traditional responses include perimeter monitoring and associated network defenses. Since those defenses are reactive to application issues attackers choose to exploit, it’s critical to have visibility into both what is in your container library, but also what the current state of vulnerability activity might be. Current vulnerability information for container images can readily be obtained by using the scan action on Atomic hosts in your OpenShift Container Platform.

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In this OpenShift Commons Briefing, BlackDuck's Tim Mackey gives an excellent overview on Vulnerability Management in a Containerized world. He also gives demonstration of using the scan action on Atomic hosts with OpenShift Container Platform for both OpenSCAP and Black Duck Hub and drilled into some of the differences between the two approaches. screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-9-29-57-amWe also covered how an issue becomes a disclosed vulnerability, how to determine the risk associated with your container usage, and potential mitigation patterns you might choose to utilize to limit any potential scope of compromise.

Slides from the Session are here!

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