OpenShift has become a sponsor of the RuPy conference, that will take place November 16th - 18th in Brno, Czech Republic. We liked the concept of the conference, as it tries to bridge communities and break the one-language-only ghetto.


It's the fifth year RuPy is being organized. The previous editions were held in Poland, this is the first year to conference moves abroad. The primary topics are Ruby and Python (as the name suggests) and also JavaScript and other dynamic languages and technologies. The goal of the conference is to bridge those communities, because the organizers believe that being a polyglot developer brings huge benefits to the skill-set of a developer.

Why RuPy is interesting to OpenShift and it should be to you too!

OpenShift is a polyglot platform and as such RuPy was very appealing to us. OpenShift's goal is to provide developers with modern platform that helps them to deploy their applications hassle-free whatever language they use. This concept helps developers to learn and experiment with new languages and technologies and attending RuPy may be the first impulse to start looking into a new technology or language.


The conference is organized in Brno a city in the center of Europe. It is not some random city. Brno is becoming the technological center of central Europe. There are several universities providing technical education and many tech-companies are setting up centers here - with Red Hat as one of those.

Brno is a beautiful city with historical parts and a cathedral and castle on the hills. As being in the center of the Europe, it has good connection to the capital cities of the region. The Czech republic is also well-known for the beer, and you will not be disappointed if you decide to come.

Wanna attend?

If you want to attend stay tuned as the first batch of tickets will be opened soon. For the time being, if you would like to speak at the conference, feel free to join the CFP that is still open - either by using this Google docs form or by forking and pull-requesting on Github repository.


OpenShift is going to RuPy and we hope that you will join us for this superb opportunity to learn some new technologies.



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