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Hey Shifters!

Today I am going to write a quick post about a great show for developers that is coming up - DevNation. It is a show for developers put together by developers at Red Hat. It will be held in San Francisco from April 13-17 this year. The bonus is that since Red Hat has so many different developer platforms and languages we support - you get your pick of topics to learn about.

Since this is my blog post, I am going to subject you to some of the talks I am most excited about.

Talks I can't wait to see

Well first off, given how much I love Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), I can't wait for the talks by James Pearce on "How Facebook does open source at scale" and a session by Chris Aniszczyk, Head of Open Source at Twitter. Two of the biggest social networks will be talking about their FOSS strategy - if you think FOSS can't work for your company, come see what they have to say.


On to coding: I recently started playing with Vert.X (a polyglot evented server) and love how it is going to actually get me into microservices and web sockets. The founder and lead developer of Vert.X, Tim Fox, will be speaking at the event on Tuesday. Also Aslask Knutesen, one of the lead devs on Arquillian project will be talking about testing up and down the stack.


We also have some great project leads from high profile projects you just might have heard about, say like JQUERY! Kris Borchers, the executive director of the JQuery foundation will be talking about the state of JQuery. We also have a session on effective use of the JQuery Mobile Libraries. Speaking of mobile we will also have a session on Aerogear and Cordova. If you haven't heard about Aerogear then you are missing out - it is a full mobile push server that you can run on your own machines. That's right, you can do your own Push notification to Android and IPhone phones using your own servers.


If you are a Java head, then there will be some great sessions for you. I am excited to see Arun Gupta, such a great speaker, gives an introdcution to JEE7 on Wildfly. A huge area of the Java stack on I am weak on but really want to learn more is Apache Camel, ActiveMQ, and JBoss Fuse. I don't usually do business integration, but I think that may have been because SOAP left a bad taste in my mouth. With Fuse's ability to do REST integration and do file transformations using visual routing I am pretty excited to see what the future looks like.

Hadoop, Big Data, Docker, DevOps, and More

There also looks to be great sessions on Hadoop and Big Data - for example there is a presentation on Apache Spark. There are also quite a few talks on DevOps, continuous integration, and deep dives on Docker containers - this is not your Father's Linux company. Finally, there might be a talk or 10 about OpenShift - covering everything from getting started to roadmaps to advanced use cases.

Sessions Focused on OpenShift--Really, this many!

Since this is the OpenShift Blog I am going to go ahead and list all the talks.


  • Full day workshops on developing with OpenShift


  • Introduction to OpenShift for application developers
  • OpenShift roadmap & the evolution of PaaS
  • Writing basic OpenShift cartridges
  • Full stack JavaScript from mobile to cloud
  • Integrating OpenShift into the development process


  • DevOps and OpenShift Online
  • Using Red Hat JBoss Fuse on OpenShift
  • Portable, lightweight, & interoperable Docker containers
  • Cloudbursting with OpenShift Enterprise 2
  • Real-time collaborative writing: When WebSocket met Asciidoctor

Hackathon Wednesday Night

Oh, I almost forgot to mention - your's truly will be MC'ing the hackathon on Wed Night. Final details are yet to be ironed out but you can be sure there will coding, beverage, prizes, and much merriment.

Register Now

I apologize in advance for the pretty, but somewhat difficult to navigate home page (hint for next year, put the schedule on a separate page that is searchable). Take a look for your self at all the great talks, I am sure you will be pleasantly suprised at all the developer technology Red Hat has to offer AND our deep connections outside of our company into developer communities. The icing on the cake is that the price is very reasonable really nice for a high caliber show in San Francisco.

Early Bird Pricing Ends Soon

You only have two more weeks to get in on the early bird pricing so get off your butt and get registered. See you in San Francisco!



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