Our Twitch channel has been quite busy with daily broadcasts diving deep into how to do things with OpenShift and Kubernetes. Things! All the things! For example, how to run the highly scalable Agones game server on OpenShift:



There's a lot going on over there, and of course, you'll want to be aware of the broadcast schedule. So you can tune in live.

Distributed Developer Productivity in the Public Sector

Or perhaps you are more interested in how to use CodeReady Workspaces to enable developers anywhere in the world to code in their browser? Maybe you're from the government, and you're keen to find ways to enable your workers to continue to work from home in this manner. Check out this video with Zohaib Khan.



Data Privacy

Perhaps you don't care so much about enabling your developers as you do about keeping them from exposing your company's precious data to leakage. Naturally, security is a big part of the data story when it comes to the open hybrid cloud, and guest speakers Alan Taylor, Tim Bayne, and Sachin Khungar of BigID have got you covered with data privacy solution for OpenShift.



Maybe you're the sort who wants to automate everything. Let the robots and daemons do the work! Especially the data work. That type of deep analysis can now be automated with the implementation of an AI/ML strategy. Of course, this takes planning, lots of data, and lots of Kuberentes-based workloads. DOn't worry, Abhinav Joshi is here to help with his guide to fast tracking AI with Kubernetes.



Of course, no matter what you're interested in IT, you're going to have to log it. Log it all. Every last bit! Why not, you can now analyze it all with your AI/ML pipelines, right? Of course, every systems engineer has their own favorite logging systems, and we're here for you, no matter what system you prefer. Andrew Block and Scott Worthington take a gander at the LogForwarding API in OpenShift.


Tune in Next Week!

All of this and more happened this past week on the Red Hat OpenShift Twitch channel. And each week we upload that same live content after the fact to our YouTube channel. And while we love our YouTube comments, if you show up for the live events on Twitch, you can ask questions. Shows are scheduled ahead of time here.


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