OpenShift is pleased to sponsor MongoSV on December 4th, an annual one-day conference in Silicon Valley, CA dedicated to the open source, non-relational database MongoDB. This year’s conference includes over 50 sessions by 10gen engineers and MongoDB users from companies such as foursquare, Github, Apollo Group (University of Pheonix), AOL, and more.

Over the past three years, the NoSQL movement has been growing at 82% compounded annually. Since the first annual NoSQL Now last year, 10gen has had over 1,000,000 downloads, tripled the size of its employee base and gained additional VC funding to be around 75 million in total.

Openshift PaaS Dust Spreader, Steve Citron-Pousty will deliver a not to be missed talk entitled “Bringing Spatial Love to Your Java Application.” The talk will show how to build a spatial application (a la Foursquare) by loading up a spatial database and creating web services using a straight Java MongoDB driver and Hibernate OGM, then letting your web or mobile application take advantage of the spatial functionality in MongoDB. Of course, the application will be hosted on OpenShift, which provides multiple language development and native MongoDB hosting. By the end of this session, you will be ready to go home and start using MongoDB to add some great functionality and spatial love to your Java application.
Also please be sure to visit sponsor booth 9 for some great swag.

For more information, check out the agenda or 10gen’s blog post Get Ready for MongoSV. Register now with the Discount code “openshift20” and receive 20% off.



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