Click2Cloud demonstrates MicroSoft Visual Studio Plug-in for Red Hat Openshift Container Platform

In the latest OpenShift Commons Briefing,  we asked Kapil Thakkar and the team behind Click2Cloud's  Microsoft Visual Studio plugin for  deploying and building .NET applications that run on Red Hat OpenShift to give us a behind the scenes deep dive into the new world order of containers for .Net Developers.

OpenShift loves .Net

In this video, you get demonstration of how Click2Cloud’s Visual Studio Extension allows developers to build, manage and deploy containerized .Net and lot more other applications straight from IDE to OpenShift 3 cloud platform on a cloud of your choice.

Bringing the benefits of Docker and Kubernetes offered by OpenShift to .Net developers everywhere eliminating once and for all the question to choose Microsoft "OR" Red Hat. Their solution noes enables truly heterogeneous environment where Red Hat and Microsoft applications work harmoniously on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform running on any cloud.


For those of you who would like to take the Click2Cloud Visual Studio Plugin for a test run, it is available here in Microsoft's Visual Studio Gallery Be sure to reach to the team at Click2Cloud and give them your feedback so that they can incorporate it into their next release. Here's a link to their FAQ for the plug-in and help to get you started on your way.



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