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Today we continue with Veer Muchandi's series of 4 videos that will guide you through every detail you need to know to start building and running your own Microservices.

This is the second entry in the series and explains how the micro services concepts are realized on OpenShift. We will look at how micro services are represented using kubernetes pods, services and sometimes routes, how they can be deployed and scaled independently.

The Authors

This series of videos was created by Veer Muchandi in collaboration with Chakradhar Jonagam.

Chakradhar Jonagam works as a Solution Architect at Red Hat.
He helps companies architect their PaaS infrastructure, Prior to this he was a full stack developer with some infosec background. In his free time he loves to take long hikes.

You can find many of Veer's blog posts here. He has created a multitude of demos that cover interesting aspects of the OpenShift Platform.

You can also follow Veer's twitter account: @VeerMuchandi

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