The healthcare industry is probably the most important industry you'll ever deal with, since it's charged with keeping you alive. Keeping all that data about you, however, requires healthcare companies to follow strict guidelines about how and where information can be kept and transferred. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 created guidelines and rules for the movement of patient data, and as a result, there's a whole world of HIPAA compliance that must be navigated by software developers working in and with this industry.

Last month, we announced Azure Red Hat OpenShift on Microsoft Azure for the U.S. Government as a public preview. Delivering the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform as a jointly-managed and supported cloud service, Azure Red Hat OpenShift on Microsoft Azure for U.S. Government brings the innovation of Red Hat OpenShift and the scale of Azure to government agencies on a dedicated cloud.

Finishing the job

Continuing our efforts to meet the security and compliance needs of our customers, I am pleased to announce that Azure Red Hat OpenShift is now HIPAA compliant in the public cloud. This compliance enables the service to be used by customers who are required to protect patient privacy and medical data, specifically those in the healthcare industry such as healthcare providers, healthcare insurance companies and organizations associated with HIPAA covered entities.

For Information about HIPAA in Azure, visit the Azure Compliance page.

You can find a complete list of compliance offerings for Azure Red Hat OpenShift here.

For attestation of compliance, this is the appropriate link (page 66 of the report lists the ARO compliance offerings).

Here is an excerpt from the above document.


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