VMware’s vSphere platform is hugely popular for OpenShift deployments and there is an equally impressive amount of integration possible between them. Today we’re joined by VMware’s Robbie Jerrom to discuss and answer questions around the recommendations for configuration and how to maximize the benefits of both platforms to the benefit of your applications. 

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Episode 22 recorded stream:

Supporting links for today’s topic:

  • Use this link to jump straight to where we begin talking about OpenShift and VMware.

Other links and materials referenced during the stream:

  • This stream covers how to deploy OpenShift to vSphere with both UPI and IPI methods.
  • OpenShift is now fully supported when deployed to VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC)!
  • Here is how to install and configuring the VMware CSI driver with OpenShift.
  • Here is how to deploy OpenShift using NSX-T as the SDN.
  • The full documentation for the in-tree storage provisioner that is deployed and configured by OpenShift UPI can be found here.
  • The documentation for the VMware CSI provisioner, also known as Cloud Native Storage, is here.

Questions answered during the stream:


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