Congrats! You just installed your OpenShift cluster. Now what? 

“Day 2” operations refer to everything that happens after the cluster is installed, which could be a lot or a little, depending on how you plan to use the cluster. But what are some specific Day 2 operations? This show, part one of two, focused on some additional machine, node, and cluster-level configuration, which you may want to implement after deploying.

As always, please see the list below for additional links to specific topics, questions, and supporting materials for the episode!

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Episode 25 recorded stream:


Supporting links for today’s topic:

As we promised on the stream, here is the full list of topics / links discussed related to day 2 node and cluster configuration. Please remember this is only a subset of the information found in the documentation under the “post-installation configuration” section.

Other links and materials referenced during the stream:

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  • Did you know you can create your own quick starts? Quick starts are a great way to add customized help and guided tours to an OpenShift cluster for your users.

Questions answered during the stream:


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