Healthy code, healthy lives: build apps for better health with OpenShift.

In June, we announced the release of OpenShift Online (Next Generation) and our hackathon, Code Healthy with OpenShift on Devpost. We asked participants to build an application to help people manage their health. They could build any app that would make a healthy impact in the lives of others, as long as they used OpenShift Online (Next Gen) as their platform.

We had 4 submission categories and a team of 4 judges who critiqued submissions based on usefulness, innovation, quality, design, and use of the OpenShift platform. With 600 participants and 38 submissions, we had so many awesome apps to consider. Below are the winning entries from each category in the hackathon.

Best Wearable/Home Automation Application: Hazel

Hazel builds a virtual connection between individuals suffering from dementia and their caregivers. Individuals with dementia send their activities and status of their environment to their caregiver. Caregivers send event schedules and medicine reminders to the individuals with dementia. This way, the caregiver can unobtrusively monitor their loved one, interfering only when absolutely necessary.

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Best Game: FitZoom

FitZoom provides the visual display of a winding river on a distant planet, which the rider can navigate by pedaling a connected exercise bike, while constantly tracking their workout progress.

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Best Wildcard/General Health Application: Hrydyalysis

Hrydyalysis is an artificial intelligence system for Automated ECG diagnosis and multiple disease detection. I supports detection of the following diseases: 1) Arterial Fibrillation 2) Obstructive Sleep Apnea Conditions 3) Partial Epilepsy 4) T-wave Alternans 5) Coronary Arterial Diseases 6) Ventricular Tachycardia 7) Ventricular Ectopy 8) General sinus arrhythmia (bradycardia and tachycardia).

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Best Pre-Existing Health App Migrated to OpenShift: Grindbit

Grindbit uses an EMG sensor at the temple area, which is able to detect the muscle movements of biting. A separate gyroscope measures the user's sleep position. The user can charge Grindbit's battery during the day, and charge their phone's battery at night, this way they never have to worry about a wearable that's constantly out of battery these days. Also, one can analyze data reflecting nightly grinding and clenching patterns while under treatments such as acupuncture, stress relief (yoga, for example) intake of various herbs, and different exercise and diet regimens. The user can then easily correlate the data recorded with one treatment to that of another to compare and contrast the degrees of effectiveness of different treatments.

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People's Choice Award: AppLetic

AppLetic unifies individuals on social media by giving them a centralized place to post their workouts and transformation progress. It has a simple to use framework that allows users to quickly post anytime they would like. The app encourages users to focus on their individual progression and to help others progress with them.

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Best Student App Award: LiveHealthy

LiveHealthy is a multifunctional mobile health app designed to keep you on track for a healthier lifestyle. It provides insights, recommendations, and motivations through proper analysis of health data. With the help of OpenShift, we provide a web platform to store health information and share it with medical professionals. With LiveHealthy, physicians can perform check ups remotely, monitor their patients’ health data and handle appointment requests which are synced directly from the client-side app.

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Congratulations to all of the winners and contributors. Thank you for making this hackathon an awesome success and for creating life-changing applications.


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