Today we are announcing the release of OpenShift Container Platform 3.6. Every release of OpenShift comes with enhancements and improvements in user experience, scalability, flexibility, reliability, and performance, but this release has a particular focus on security.

Here are some highlights of the OpenShift Container Platform 3.6 release:

Enterprise-grade security and compliance

  • A PCI DSS product applicability guide that helps you navigate how the standard applies to OpenShift Container Platform
  • Enhancements to the NetworkPolicy software defined network implementation (Technology Preview)
  • Support for secrets encryption and image signing

An Open Service Broker implementation

  • A Service Broker and Service Catalog built around the Open Service Broker API project (Technology Preview)
  • A service broker for OpenShift templates, with service binding features (Technology Preview)
  • The new Ansible Service Broker, for more complicated workflow automation inside OpenShift (Technology Preview)

Advancing container-level and Kubernetes innovation

  • Container Native Storage built with Red Hat Gluster Storage is now integrated into the installer
  • Advanced Scheduling features (taints/tolerations, affinity/anti-affinity, multiple schedulers)
  • Scalability improvements: 2,000 nodes (up from 1,000 nodes) and 250 pods per node

The following blog posts provide more details on these features and enhancements:

Release notes, downloads, and other information can be found on the customer portal:


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