We are proud to announce the availability of the Silver Plan in most European countries. This is a follow-up to our previous announcement of availability in North America. A list of countries where the Silver Plan is available is at the bottom of our pricing page.

But we aren't stopping here. OpenShift Online will continue working on the roll-out of the Silver Plan to additional regions. OpenShift Online is already a global service but with ongoing expansion into other geographical areas, we will grow the list of home countries where we can accept credit cards.

If your country is not on the list of supported locations, please request it on our Vote for Features page. This feedback will help us prioritize the next locations for our roll-out expansion.

In the meantime, sign-up for the Silver Plan by July 11, 2013, and follow the instructions on the Silver Promotional page to receive a credit for the platform fee for the next three months.

Thanks for choosing OpenShift!

Juan Noceda

OpenShift Product Manager



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