This past week, we kicked off the OpenShift Commons.EDU Special Interest Group under the leadership of Stephen Braswell, UNC/Chapel Hill with the mandate to discuss, develop and disseminate best practices for administrating, managing and operating OpenShift in .EDU setting.
While the focus of our initial conversations have been leaning towards the operations side of the .EDU, we've also uncovered quite a few use cases unique to .EDU as well. We invite you to join the OpenShift Commons .EDU SIG and be part of this ongoing conversation.
Who's talking about OpenShift in .EDU?
Being a part of an inclusive, open, and inviting community, such as OpenShift Commons, means that you're always part of the conversation.
Our Special Interest Groups (SIG) are designed so that you can find everything you need in one place around a central topic.

Kick-off OpenShift Commons .EDU Session Video

OpenShift Commons .EDU SIG Chair, Stephen Braswell kicked off the OpenShift Commons .EDU conversation with a presentation on the OpenShift use case(s) at UNC/Chapel Hill. He also talked about their experiences migrating from OpenShift V2 to V3 as well as their future plans for utilizing the platform in other arenas at UNC/Chapel Hill.
OpenShift Commons .EDU SIG #1: OpenShift @ UNC.EDU

Our next .EDU SIG meeting will be on September 21th and our guest speaker will be Chris Ketler, UMich.

OpenShift Commons YouTube Channels

We've started a Playlist for previously recorded OpenShift .EDU SIG sessions on YouTube.
As well, uou can find a Playlist of the previously recorded OpenShift Common Briefing sessions on YouTube.
Don't forget to leave your feedback and suggestions for each video or in the comments section below. This will be incredibly important to shape this Special Interest Group and create sessions that fit the demands of all the OpenShift developers in the community.

About OpenShift Commons

OpenShift Commons is the place for organizations that are part of the OpenShift community to connect with peers and other related open source technology communities to communicate and collaborate across all OpenShift projects and stakeholders.

The Commons' goal is to foster collaboration and communication between OpenShift stakeholders to drive success for all members, and expand & facilitate points of connection between members for sharing knowledge and experience to help drive success for the platform and for participants: customers, users, partners, and contributors.

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