Hey OpenShiftians!

I was trying to think of some catchy title but then I thought the straightforward truth needs no jazziness.

The OpenShift Developer Evangelist team is happy to release the first iteration of our work with Katacoda - Interactive OpenShift tutorials! The idea with these tutorials is that you get your own individual OpenShift environment with instructions right next to it. You can work through the instructions at your own pace but you are using a fully functioning OpenShift environment with working URLs and all.


Our team is always looking for ways to help developers learn how to use OpenShift. At a conference last year Grant (@gshipley) met up with the Katacoda folks and was impressed by what they had to offer. He brought it back to the team and we talked about how this would really allow us to give hands on simple teaching opportunities for our users. We can now make content that allows people to do workshop material without having to spin anything up on their machine. The real benefit is that we can help people work through content on important topics with hands-on experience instead of just reading a blog post or documentation. While this doesn't replace that other content, several on our team feel more satisfaction in creating this content given the interactive nature compared to other mediums.

Things to remember

The most important thing to remember is that this is just the launch of the site. We have created one scenario for now but over time we plan on creating a lot of self paced tutorials using this system. I will probably put some together on GeoSpatial and Big Data, while I know Graham (@GrahamDumpleton) would like to dig into some core concepts. What I am trying to say is check back often.

The other thing to remember is that scenarios time out after 1 hour. So please don't start a scenario, go make a hot drink, get distracted by something in social media, and then return 2 hours later and expect it to still be working. You can always reload your browser and skip to the step you were on. But we just wanted to make sure you knew the deal.

Finally, we would really like to hear from you about what kind of content you would like to see. You can leave a comment here, you can tweet at @openshift, tweet or email one of us individually, or send your suggestion attached to a Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayak c/o Steve Pousty at Red Hat (I kid, I kid.... kinda)

Get Going!

With that introduction, you have spent more than enough time here - go get your learning on. Head on over to the site, pick the course, and learn how to get started with OpenShift!


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