Chris Short and the team have quite a bit of content out there for you to learn from. With everything from customers, to partners to open source contributors, this online TV station has at least one, if not more, videos on every topic you'll encounter in your day-to-day usage of OpenShift.

One of the hottest new topics for Kubernetes and for OpenShift is GitOps. There are a lot of aspects of running your software development operation out of git, none the least of which is tying your GitHub account to your OpenShift infrastructure with security tokens. You can even deploy OpenShift to your clusters using GitHub Actions.

Thus, helping our users make sense of git and GitOps is a top priority right now. One of the ways we're doing this is by introducing the GitOps Operator to help make the management of GitOps easier from a cluster-wide perspective.

Red Hat's Christian Hernandez spends some time in this episode of the GitOps Happy Hour talking about this Operator and how it will help users integrate their clusters with git.


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