Cusco, Peru

Storage is a big part of any application design strategy, but containers throw something of a monkey wrench into the traditional storage models. You've likely noticed that Red Hat has a few dogs in the storage race, most notably Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage. We're curious to see how much our readers care about this topic, and as such, we've whipped up yet another survey we'd be tickled pink if you could fill out for us. We're not sending any emails, marketing materials or salespeople out in response to this survey, we just want to check the oil, as it were. So if you've got a little extra time, would you mind answering a few quick questions for us? As always, our goal is to better serve our readers, not to better sell to them. We're trying to treat our blog like a magazine, and before we start covering new topics and adding how-to's on storage, we'd like to see if those are topics that would interest you. Thanks for your time!


Storage, OpenShift Container Platform

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